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The Sweetest Sin is an exclusive Essentially Empathic Studio LLC collection made specifically with one of our closest friends in mind. Being perfectly balanced between sweet and sinful she has helped create an amazing line for women to help bring out their sweet side to match their significant others sinful ways.

Made with a rose and gardenia base you will find notes of cabernet and neroli, peppermint, ylang ylang, and topped off with blue musk and silver sparkle. The lip balm/scrub duo set is a sweet mix of orange and pineapple. Made for super soft kissable lips.


The Sweetest Sin's mens line is so sinful it will have all eyes on you and heads turning before you walk in the room. This scent will make any angel fall from grace. In this line you will experience scents of sweet tobacco, aqua di gio, burberry, leather, fierce, and patchouli topped off with cedar and sandalwoods.


Each product can be purchased individually or as a complete collection.

Each Bath Bomb is 8oz.

Sweetest Sin Bath Bombs

PriceFrom $8.00